The PPL: the indie media hub of the 2012 DNC


Quick recap until I have time to come back and write more โ€” for now:

  • Funded by the Knight Foundations
  • Sponsors including Eventbrite, Tumblr, Ustream
  • $150k raised/sold
  • Hosted 1,000 visiting media to the 2012 DNC with The PPL, a 20k sq. ft. co-working space, and welcomed policy leaders including Chuck Schumer, Rahm Emanuel, and Howard Dean
  • Produced a week-long live-broadcasted event series in partnership with Ustream that attracted 50k viewers, and featured thought leaders from tech (Twitter, Facebook, Google) and nonprofits/NGOs (Startup America, AFT, SEUI)
  • Site is very old but weโ€™re trying to keep it alive