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I’ve always loved creating things with computers. First it was using my dad’s Kaypro to play with the command line and games on floppy disks. Then it was a my first PC running DOS making banners with The Print Shop and a dot matrix printer. Then Windows, and my first designs in Microsoft Publisher and Photoshop. I wish I still had the LCARS-style starship interfaces I designed and taped up all over my room.

It wasn’t until college I realized any of this was a proper profession. I was studying music, which was until then my most productive creative outlet. But soon enough I had created my first blog, then my first portfolio, and started taking my first clients.

This was around the birth of the “blogosphere” and Web 2.0, a beautiful time to be coming of age in technology. I launched a local blog with some friends, got funding from the Knight Foundation, received a crash course in video from folks at the local PBS station, and dove head-first into Twitter before it was called “social media”. It was through those connections and experiences that I began my career.

Since then I’ve designed and built new apps and services, helped others launch and refine their own, created fun content, and developed my personal approaches to strategy and management that form my design and product practice today.

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